The timeless tower bridge John R howley, john r zadrozny, luke budd

Type of bridge: Suspension

Forces acting: Tension and compression on truss beams. Tension on cables.

The iconic Tower Bridge in picturesque London England spans a massive 801 feet across the Thames River. This historic brige is an artery connecting the capital city.

Construction on the tower bridge began under the rule of Queen Victoria in 1886. Construction took eight years. The bridge was finally opened on June 30, 1894.

The original design of the tower bridge was created by Sir Horance Jones a lifelong architect. Jones, a native of London, was well respected in his professional community and served as the president of Royal Institute of British Architects. In 1864 Jones was elected chief architect and surveyer of the city of London and in 1886 his was knighted.

During the course of this suspension bridge's construction, the tower bridge took five major ycontractors. These contractors implored a combined 432 construction workers. In order to create a strong foundation, over seventy-thousand tons of concrete were sunk into the Thames riverbed. Additionally, over eleven thousand tons of steel was used to create the bridge's frame. The total cost at the time was roughly 1,487,459 US dollars, which in today's money would be about $153,268,600


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