Mineral Sector Support in Nigeria for Economic diversification by the world bank

PURPOSE: To enhance mining sector contributions to Nigeria's overall GDP by strengthening key government institutions, improving information infrastructure and fostering investment instruments in the sectors.

duration of the project: march 28, 2017-June 30,2022

Establishing a Strong Foundation for Mining Sector Development $68,800,000.00

Facilitating Downstream Sector Development & Enhancing Competitiveness $67,600,000.00

Project Management and Coordination $9,600,000.00

country of the project: Nigeria

Name: IMF Project to help Africa Crack down on illicit diamond trade.

Purpose: The technical assistance project the first by the International Monetary Fund to tackle the issue targets countries where precious mineral exports account for a high share of GDP or total exports and formal financial systems are underdeveloped.

Duration: The primary objective of implementing an AML/CFT framework is to detect and deter the proceeds of predicate crimes such as fraud, drug trafficking, arms smuggling or corruption. But better regulations and oversight of the precious metals sector should also result in revenue increases for governments and have a positive impact on their fiscal situation.

Country: Africa

Success of project: IMF has developed the project in consultation with institutions working on AML/CFT issues such as the World Bank as well as in the precious minerals sphere. The IMF will be seeking to attract these partners’ participation in the workshops and beyond.

AID for TRADE project by World trade organization

purpose: helping developing countries to build the trade capacity and infrastructure they need to start benefiting from open trade with other countires

many different countries are associated such as Cambodia, Haiti, and mexico

duration of project: Activities under the Aid for Trade initiative are carried out on the basis of a biennial work programmer. These work programmed promote deeper coherence among Aid for Trade partners and an on-going focus on Aid for Trade among the trade and development community, with the emphasis on showing results. Work programmers have generated impetus for Aid for Trade activities on the ground.

success of project: this project has successfully added poor countries that needed aid into a trade system where they can sell goods and also receive goods throughout the world to help benefit their countries money income.

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