On October 24, 1945, the United Nations was created. Every year for the month of October, UNA-USA and its 200+ chapters around the country activate in their communities by hosting events to recognize the signing of the UN Charter.

Since UNA-USA’s founding, we have always believed that nations working together through the UN are the best hope for peace and progress for all.

This year—to celebrate the UN’s 75th anniversary—we’re reflecting on the past, celebrating the accomplishments of the present, and looking forward to progress, toward a better and brighter future for everyone, everywhere.

Graphics and social copy can be found at the end of this toolkit.

For this special celebration, we’re reflecting on the past, celebrating the accomplishments of the present, and looking forward to progress, toward a better and brighter future for everyone, everywhere.

Featured and distinguished speakers include:

  • Rachel Pittman, Executive Director of UNA-USA
  • Paula Boland, UNA-USA National Council Chairperson and Executive Director, UNA-NCA
  • Dr. Maria Van Kerkhove, PhD, World Health Organization’s Head of Emerging Diseases Unit and COVID-19 Technical Lead
  • Jayathma Wickramanayake, UN Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth
  • Dustin Liu, UNA-USA Youth Observer to the United Nations



The U.S. Signs the UN Charter

June 26, 1945 | U.S. Secretary of State Edward R. Stettinius, Jr., Chairman, US Delegation, signing the UN Charter at a ceremony held at the Veterans' War Memorial Building. President Harry S. Truman stands by at left. UN Photo/Yould

Elements for Complementary Programs

+1 Campaign

Invite a friend—or several—to attend your UN Day event and refer them to join UNA-USA!

From September 24 - October 24, members are encouraged to refer others in their network to join UNA-USA and attend their chapter's UN Day event.

Click the link below for more information about this campaign and how to ensure you receive credit for your referrals.

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights

November 1, 1949 | Former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt holds a Declaration of Human Rights poster in English. UN Photo

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  • #UNDay
  • #UN75

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  • To mark #UNDay, @UNAUSA is celebrating the @UN's 75th anniversary! From reflecting on the past, celebrating the present, and looking forward to progress, join UNA-USA in honoring #UN75! http://bit.ly/UNDay-2020 | #USAforUN
  • As the @UN approaches its 75th anniversary, @UNAUSA's network of chapters across the country is celebrating #UNDay by honoring the past, the present, and progress toward a brighter future for everyone, everywhere. http://bit.ly/UNDay-2020 #USAforUN #UN75
  • [ONLY ON OCTOBER 24] Today, we're celebrating the @UN's 75th anniversary! To commemorate #UN75, we're shining a light on all the different ways the UN works toward a better world. http://bit.ly/UNDay-2020 | #USAforUN


  • What do Americans think the world will be like in 2045, when the @UN turns 100? @UNAUSA held more than 80 virtual consultations across the country to compile Americans' visions for the future. Here’s what they said: https://buff.ly/39H4x40 #USAforUN
  • In commemoration of #UN75, we hosted 80+ consultations to ask Americans about their predictions for the future in 25 years, when the @UN turns 100. @UNAUSA Executive Director @RachelBPittman shares insights from their report: https://buff.ly/330Osoh #USAforUN