caption writting practice Alicenn kachmarsky

jayden is examining what things can be done differently within the tower structure. who: jayden pane. what: examine the tower. when: march 10th. where: in photo imaging class. why: caption writing project. "I would do the structure differently and put the marshmallows in different places" says jayden."it was a head ach but we got it done"

christian is fixing the bottom structure and making sure it is secure. who: Christian Vitale. what: fixing the bottom structure. when: march 10th. where: photo imaging class. why: to keep the tower standing. "making the tower stay still while building" christian says, " we couldn't add onto the tower without it moving.

here Matthew is keeping the tower steady while other team members add on to the top or take from the top. who: Matthew bramucci. what: holding up the tower. when: march 10th.where: photo imaging class. why: so that team members can add or take from the tower without falling. "how it twisted when we building" Matthew says, "that was my most enjoyed part of building the tower."

here the group is trying to find ways to build the tower,to keep it standing. who: Mr. Walter and group members. what: finding ways to keep the tower standing. when: march 10th. where: photo imaging class. why: so they can have the largest tower. "it was interesting, that is for sure." Ali said. " we could have built a better base and tower as a whole, but it was fun!"

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