day in the life of an online school student by: angela duran

UP AND AT IT: All Lourdes girls begin their day early and prepare for their first zoom class. “It’s not as bad as waking up at 6 am but it doesn’t make it any easier to wake up at 8” says sophomore Angela Duran.
TAKE YOUR PICK: It’s hard to stay up during a class on an empty stomach so breakfast is always the way to go. “ I honestly don’t know how i would get through the day without my morning coffee and toast” says freshmen Amanda Duran.
AM UP, MIND UP: Zoom classes promptly begin at 8:30 am so all student situate themselves comfortably to endure a long day of classes. “ It’s not the way I expected to end freshmen year but we’re trying and so are our teachers” says freshman Amanda Duran with a sincere heart
HEAD IN THE GAME: All varsity players are obligated to attend an hour long zoom meeting to prepare for the upcoming season. “Just cause schools out doesn’t mean the grind stops” says team captain Brooke Merdjane
JUST DO IT: Both JV and varsity players attend an hour long conditioning in order to stay in shape for their season. “It’s not easy to get in the mood to workout after a long day of online schooling but we all agree it’s the only way to better ourselves and secure this years regionals trophy once again” says sophomore Mia Hernandez
TIMEOUT: After a long day of school and workouts, players try to relax by enjoying some time on social media or watching their favorite shows. “I honestly go through 5 episodes a day of criminal minds, am obsessed with the show” says sophomore Angela Duran