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My initial research in the stock market

Traders and investors continue to buy and sell the stock of the company on the exchange, although the company itself no longer receives any money from this type of trading. The company only receives money from the IPO which is the Initial public offering. The stock market is what allows people to stay in their house. Many people have made a sustainable life off of purely investing and the stock market. One of Bill gates’ competitor is Warren Buffet. A very rich investor and philanthropist which made billions by investing. He is now at a net worth of 65 billion US dollars and is also 86 years old. He started investing when he was just 13. The stock market is a sophisticated yet valuable place to leave your money. Investing is what helps in making companies, sustaining them and getting help from others that seek to help you in order to earn more money than they have invested in. It is a smart way of earning money in a long period of time and if it is invested smartly into companies that are rising you can make millions out of it. The stock market is a place where CEOs can put their companies so that other people can invest and help.

The stocks I invested in first were Samsung because with the immense drop in sales the prices per share has also gone dramatically down. Knowing my history with Samsung and how it operates I strongly believed that Samsung had a very small chance of losing everything and collapsing. The shares were at its lowest price at the time after the failure of the Note 7. This gave me the chance to step in and bye my shares just to see it rise in value again. I also invested in Sony mainly because I knew that a few months after the release of the PS4 no one would buy it anymore because everyone would already have one. This meant that the prices of the shares would also go down in price which again gave me the perfect time to buy shares. Also I was aware that the PS4 pro was being released not long after the PS4 and since it's a new console, everyone wants to buy it which would mean Sony's value would go up. When it would have been at its peak I would sell my shares and get profit.

My reflection half way through

So far my best stocks have been Netflix and Microsoft Corporation with both being more than 5% return. My worst stocks are Heineken and Sony. The reason I bought Samsung stocks is because it plummeted down after the failure of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7, this meant that the shares were cheaper than normal. It was almost obvious that samsung wouldn’t go broke which is why it was a good decision, currently it has gone up by 4%. Sony has gone up because of the new playstation 4 pro which was more or less a success, after that their stock went down because of the disappointment of the ps4 pro. During the third week of october I completely changed my strategy and sold a bunch of stocks and at the same time bought same, it’s the best decision I’ve made however I wish I started earlier because now I have a low return percentage. For now I want to let my stocks be and let them go up by themselves, or down. This stage depends on my entire project, if it doesn’t go well then I won’t know how to make a comeback and be in the top 10.

My final reflection on how it went

The best companies in my portfolio were Samsung, BMW and Microsoft with a return of almost 5%. My worst stock was Sony with a negative return of nearly 8%. My best stocks continuously created new things to satisfy patients and keep their stock at the top of the market. Samsung release a new phone, the Note 7 which got it up the stock market a bit however, due to the crass they went back down, they are currently designing and thinking about a new phone. BMW is a very popular car company that is going up as the days go by. Customers are more and more satisfied with their product and people keep on buying them which explains why BMW is doing so good. Microsoft also releases the newest technology that everyone wants to buy. Their marketing strategy is doing really well, if they continue on like this they can make huge profits. My worst was stock Sony because after the release of the PS4 they went up a lot but now that everyone has a ps4, they don’t have any new products to sell, they still use money to invest in new products however the people can’t buy them yet since they aren’t yet in store. If I were to redo this project I’d look more int0 the media and see what new products are being released that are probably going to make huge profit. I’d also invest more time and effort to constantly keep up to date, selling and buying stocks. I would also have to pay attention when the stocks are beginning to go down and the product has already been released for a while so I can sell and the stocks and make a huge profit, if I leave it like it is it will go back down and I will make a loss. I’ve learned that the stock market is something to look at, it can get you money without you doing anything. This is probably the most efficient way of earning money over a long period of time. This does mean that the person investing has to have some knowledge, it takes some great risk and you have to know when to buy stocks and when to sell them or else it can cost you a lot of money and you can lose some profit.


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