RIS Newsletter April 2021 | Volume 4 Issue 4

In this issue...

  • Summer Reference Update
  • RACL-IL Updates
  • Campus Research Updates
  • Fair Use Week: A Recap
  • Scholarship
  • Resource of the Month

Summer Reference Update

Spring semester reference services (VIP and Chat Back-up) will conclude on Thursday, May 6. After that day, our ChatStaff service will be the primary source for reference service during Maymester and Summer Semester. You should not be scheduled for reference services during that time. Enjoy the time away! You have all earned it!

Discussions concerning Fall semester (and beyond) are still underway. Stay tuned.

— Judy

RACL-IL Working Group

The Information Literacy Working Group is currently updating its Operating Principles to create more participation opportunities for USG librarians. The Working Group is also in the process of designing a summer professional development event that is tentatively scheduled for late June/early July.

General Education Redesign Update: The General Education redesign project is currently on hold. When we left off, the organizers decided to pause the process due to Covid-19 interruptions in normal USG operations. The next step in this process will involve townhalls and site-level discussions. Dr. Tristan Denley (the leader of this project) is excited to move forward with the process in a future semester.


Campus Research Updates

This month I was a part of three important events that will impact my activity for the next year. I presented at the inaugural meeting of the KSU Doctoral Council and participated in the Bagwell College of Education Research-oriented meeting in which faculty developed initiatives to support research. I also assisted in reviewing research proposals of the first research teams sponsored by the College and the College Research consortium.


Fair Use Week: A Recap

Fair Use Week was a great opportunity to educate our community about issues in copyright, authors rights, and fair use, as well as showcase the publication achievements of our stellar faculty authors. My planning committee helped ensure the programming was successful, and we were able to attract 201 registrations and 104 attendees—amazing for our inaugural Fair Use Week!

— Chelsee

Fair Use Week benefited from the experience gained from earlier events (Open Access Week and Open Education Week) and was a really successful time to engage more deeply with our community. I think we hit the perfect blend of information, networking, and fun and can't wait for the next event. Also, Chelsee is a rock star leader whose efforts drove these events to completion.

— Heather


Mary Margaret presented "Reloading Gen Z" at the Georgia International Conference on Information Literacy.

Chelsee's review of "Sustaining and Enhancing the Scholarly Communications Department: A Comprehensive Guide" was published in the Journal of Librarianship and Scholarly Communication.

Leslie and Christina presented on "Sustainable Rapid Design for Online Tutorials" at the ACRL Distance & Online Learning poster session.

On her blog Personal Knowledge Management for Academia & Librarians, Crystal recently reviewed the productivity app Notion.

Amy and Ashley presented in two sessions at ACRL: a poster titled "The Impact of the Interim Leadership Experience," and a panel on "Demystifying Interim Leadership."

Jennifer, alongside Manda, Matthew, and Sam, presented "The Tattoo Taboo: Professionalism and Body Modifications in Libraries" at ACRL.

Judy's review of "Christian Citizens: Reading the Bible in Black and White in the Postemancipation South" was published in Georgia Library Quarterly.

Resource of the Month

Business Source Complete: This database has "Country Reports" and "Country Reviews" that are extensive reports including information about investment, trade, government, social conditions, geography, policies, international agreements, labor conditions, and forecast scenarios.

This can be a great starting point for a student planning a paper on a particular country. Maps and tables that highlight economic trends and other key points are included in many reports. Country fact sheets include details such as official language, population, and current governmental officials. The reports also includes analysis of the government as well as relations with the United States.


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