Julian Bond by: maddie kennedy

(S) In 190, in college Julian Bond made the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC) with a many other college students. This committee was made up of entirely college students and they started finding support for the civil rights movement in civilians. Julian Bond was the communications director for the SNCC and was also the editor of the Student Voice, the SNCC's newspaper.(Roady)

(S)In 1961, Julian Bond left Morehouse College to focus more on the civil rights movement. He also became the editor of the Atlanta Inquirer, a protest magazine. Ten years later, Bond returned to Morehouse and finished with an English degree(Roady).

(P) In 1965, Julian Bond won a seat in the Georgia Legislature. Unfortunately his distaste to the Vietnam War caused his to be denied the seat(Roady).

(P) In December of 1966, the actions of the Georgia house were ruled unconstitutional. Julian Bond was sworn in in 1967(Roady).

(P) Julian Bond was the first black chair in the senate delegation of Fulton County. He was also was the chair of the Committee on Consumer Affairs. In 1986, Bond retired from the senate to run for the U.S. Congress but sadly lost to John Lewis. Lewis was a friend of bond and he was also a civil rights activist(Roady).

(S) At the end of Bond's political career he became a professor at the University of Virginia(Roady).

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