Hinduism Through Festivals 'What are the beliefs in how the earth was created in Hinduism?' Also, 'What are some of the festivals that connect to the gods in hinduism?'

Trimurti, The One With Timber

There 3 beliefs about how the earth was created in Hinduism. These 3 beliefs all involve Trimurti, the combination of the three gods and the introduction of Hinduism. Although Hinduism had no leader, the gods have a very significant role. The role of the gods became significant due to the beliefs in Trimurti, the creator of the earth.

The Yolk is the Sky

One belief in how the earth was created can be seen in the Chandogya Upanishad, which is a Hindu sacred text. In the Chandogya Upanishad, the creation of the earth is described as a breaking of a egg. The text says, (as quoted from Chandogya Upanishad p.d.f.)

"The Sun is Brahman-this is the teaching. Trimutri, an explanation thereof (is this). In the beginning this (world) was non-existent. It became existent. It grew. It turned into an egg. It lay for the period of a year. It burst open. Then came out of the eggshell, two parts, one of silver, the other of gold. That which was of silver is this earth; that which was of gold is the sky. What was the outer membrane is the mountains; that which was the inner membrane is the mist with the clouds. What were the veins were the rivers. What was the fluid within is the ocean."

From this, it can be seen that some Hindus believed that Trimutri caused a egg to grow into the earth.

Mouth is for Preist

Also, in the Red Vega, (the first sculpture in Hinduism,) it shows that one cosmic man named Purusha sacrifced his body to Trimutri which god turned into earth. His different body parts resenbled different hindu social rankings. There are four main social rankings in Hinduism which are: the priest (Brahmin) made from his mouth, the warrior (Kshatritya) made from his arms, the peasant (Vaishya) from his thighs, and the servant (Shudra) from his legs.

This action as shown in the Red Vega can be seen as the efforts in giving for Trimurti and the human race.

Trimutri, the one with Timber

The third belief is that Trimurti built the earth using timber. As he built the earth with timber, it was know to be livable just like a house that was made using timber.

Trimurti, The Combination of 3 Gods

As the Hindus believe that the earth was created whether it was from a egg, timber or a sacrificed man, by Trimurti, who actually is Trimurti?

Trimurti is the combination of 3 gods. Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

Brahma is the creator and source of all creation.

Vishnu is the preserver and is responsible of keeping all the good things on earth.

Shiva is the destroyer and is a significant part of the 3 gods because he destroys the harmful in order to create new things.

The Rules

Over time, the gods created to make rules to make sure that the religion runs smoothly. There are only a few rules that make the religion a very free one. These are the 5 rules that build the religion and values of each individual:

1. Expanding your gaze to include others (think and care for them)

2. Stop being insecure, lose fear and grow-mentally, materially, spiritually. Let others do that too.

3.Lose the human hunger, need to dominate due to imagined fear(eg- I should buy the laptop he has to not be dominated. Done. Need a greater brand of laptop to dominate. Done.... This is endless hunger)

4. Do karma not for its fruits and only if it is your dharma.

5. Lose desires for unneeded things that exclude food, shelter, water.

These five rules connect to the values that the Hindus have and the religious festivals.

From the rules Hindus have, they learn to cherish food, shelter and water everyday. Also, since their religion values being kind and caring for others, Hindus try to be as friendly as possible because that way, they are respecting their religion and also, will lead to a good after life for the Hindus.


Diwali is a good example in how the gods are involved in Hinduism. Diwali is the festival of lights and a festival for the transition of one year to the other. In this festival, the Hindus learn to cherish food and share it. This is why the Hindus go to neighbouring houses to eat and share food. Also, the lights connect to Shiva and spirits because Shiva destroys the spirits for Brahma to create a new successful year.

Also, Diwali is spread amongst sevral days causing each day to be a differant focus.

Day 1) Dhan Jerus - Worshiping Lakshmi goddess of wealth and good fortune.

Day2) Kali Chandash - Pujan to Hauumanji to remove evil spirits and beings.

Day3) Diwali - Festival of lights

Day 4) Nutan Vash - Annukut (new years day)

Day5) Bhai Beej

Probably, Diwali is possibly the most significant festival in Hindu since it focuses on so many aspects.


Thaipusam is also a festival that involves the gods. In this festival, men gather up and put thin needles in their bodies with decorations. This festival is to say thank you to Shiva for all the deeds he has done. Since everybody is ignoring the slight pain that goes with the needles, this is a very significant way to experience pain and sacrifice.

As the Hindus say "thanks" to the gods, I would like to thank you, for taking the time to reward your self in reading something new. New, that you never knew before.

Thank you

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