Dreamtime Storyboard By Victoria cowburn

Opening: Title of film

The title sequence opens with the name of the film in a iconic groovy 70's inspired font called 'Bell Bottom Laser' downloaded from DaFont.com, which is apart of my house style. Each circle behind the title is on a separate Photoshop layer, allowing me to animate each shape in AfterEffects. I plan to make each circle rotate in different directions, keeping within the the previous shape that it is layered on top of. This will then create a strong hallucinogenic effect upon the audience due to the confusing and fast-paced moments. The title 'Dreamtime' will slowly zoom in and out, immediately attracting and informing the audience. Using the scale tool in AfterEffects this animation will be continuous creating a pulsing effect.

Second slide: introducing main character

During this section I have introduced one of the characters of the film, using a coloured silhouette shape of a man smoking. The spiral in the background will quickly twirl around creating a hallucination effect upon the viewer, adding to the dreamlike quality of the film. The silhouette's arm will be animated and move as if the man is realistically smoking. The text will follow the movement of the arm leaving the silhouettes mouth, as if 'Henry Hull' is the smoke leaving the cigarette. This will also follow a circular path similar to the spiral.

Third slide

Continuing my 70's inspired colour scheme of dark orange toned shades, I have created this repeated pattern of arrow heads. The arrow heads will move in opposing directions creating an overall confusing and dynamic image. The text will follow the direction of the arrows in opposing directions, having the forename at the top and surname at the bottom. For the remaining two seconds of this slide the arrows will continue to move horizontally in opposing directions.

Fourth and final slide

Each wave of colour on indiviudal layers will enter the screen (against a black background) from either horizontal edge, forming the final wave pattern at the end of the animation. Using the opacity tool, the name 'Alice Swanson' will slowly appear over the shapes as they form and connect together. The last remaining two seconds will finish on this screenshot.

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