Going North Norway and Spitsbergen

Until July 2003 we never really thought of visiting Norway ... must be too cold. But when our preferred travel agency asked if we would like to go Norway and Spitsbergen starting in Kiel for 14 days for a very special price we couldn't decline.


from Molde to Åndalsnes

On our way to Åndalsnes we got to know that it would be possible to book a flight with a helicopter there. We did. And the whole flight of about 15 minutes I was able to be filming. An awesome experience.

Magdalenenfjord, Spitsbergen
Ny Ålesund
The passengers were waiting for an airplane to fly home, because the ship hit the ground before and needs repairing in a dry dock.
midnight sun
We were taken by bus from Hellesylt to Geiranger

Looking down from Dalsnibba at Geiranger

and here I am

Geiranger fjord

this waterfall is called bridegroom, because it's shape is alike a bottle
the Seven Sisters

All of these pictures are slides originally, shot with a Canon A1

Created By
Uwe Peters


© Uwe Peters 2003

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