Benvolio's blog From Verona

2:00 PM - The Capulets are here and Tybalt is walking towards us! I told Mercutio we should've left before the Caputlets came in order to avoid another fight and getting someone killed. Mercutio is antagonizing Tybalt, we should leave before a fight occurs. Tybalt doesn't want to fight Mercutio, he wants to fight Romeo, but he will fight Mercutio if Romeo doesn't show up soon!

2:10 PM - Phew, Romeo has arrived, surely this will stop Mercutio and Tybalt from fighting, then the fight will be between Tybalt and Romeo, it's a lose, lose situation! Romeo doesn't want to fight. Instead, he wants to have peace. He can stop himself from fighting Tybalt, but he can't stop Mercutio from fighting him. Mercutio is going to fight Tybalt!

2:15 PM - They're fighting and Romeo is trying to stop them. He's really serious about this whole peace thing. Romeo is asking me to get them to stop but I don't think that it'll help. He's beating down their swords as they fight! Someone is going to get hurt!

2:30 PM - Romeo was trying to get Tybalt and Mercutio to stop, then he beat down Mercutio's sword at the wrong time and got him hurt! I knew this was going to happen. If only we left before the Capulets came...

2:32 PM - Mercutio is dead! He has died! Romeo has changed his mind about peace. He wants to fight Tybalt now because he killed Mercutio. This isn't going to end well. We should've just left.

2:35 PM - Romeo has killed Tybalt because he killed Mercutio! I knew we should've left before the Capulets came, none of this would've happened if we did. I told him to flee the area before citizens started to come and see the commotion.

2:50 PM - The Capulets, Montagues and the Prince are here. I told the Prince that Tybalt killed Mercutio and Romeo killed Tybalt. The Capulets are talking about killing Romeo because he killed Tybalt. But the Prince says the deaths are even because Tybalt killed Mercutio. The Prince declared Romeo is banished from Verona!

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