1.0 Model Integrative Preaching

Preach the Word

Despite predictions to the contrary, preaching still has currency, both within and without the church. 2 Timothy 3,4 reminds us that preaching the Word is always in season.

Leading in Listening

Preaching is what God does in his constant work of self-revelation. The preacher's one advantage is a head start on all the other listeners. The preacher leads the listeners to hear and respond to what they have already had the privilege to hear from God. Our preaching, then, will not be marked by arrogance, but by a sense of “humbled confidence.”

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1.1 IntegraL

Integration unites polarities such that the integrity of each side remains uncompromised.

option one: the coin
option two: the continuum

option three: the cross

Great preaching converges horizontal and vertical in the shape and interest of the cross.

John 1:14 shows how Jesus offered us both word and flesh, grace and truth, in his cross-shaped ministry.

The cross is both our model and our means.

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1.2 Horizontal

Life is lived upon the earth. Subject to gravity, we think and feel our way across the earth. The horizontal line reflects the physical axis, describing life as it unfolds in time.

Head and Heart

To achieve an objective takes more than just thinking and more than just wanting. Horizontally, the preacher addresses the physical aspect of the human listener, speaking both to the cognitive and the affective aspects of experience.

Guard Your Hearts and Minds

Philippians 4:7 emphasizes both the cognitive and the affective dimensions of our being. Christian living involves both thinking truthfully and feeling faithfully - the cultivation of both a disciplined mind and a devoted will. This is in the spirit of Jesus, who came to offer truth and grace. The cross offers both a forensic justification as well as a relational restoration.

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1.3 Vertical

We all strain against the limitations inherent to the horizontal life. The vertical line reflects the spiritual axis, describing life across both the objective and subjective dimensions.

Heaven and Human

The context for truth is both beyond us and among us. Vertically, the preacher addresses the spiritual aspect of the human listener, speaking both to the objective and the subjective aspects of life.

On Earth as it is in Heaven

Jesus' Sermon on the Mount show how the objective and subjective elements of life are united in the Kingdom. Our lives in Christ calls us to integrate both spiritual worship and physical obedience, in the spirit of Jesus himself, who was both Word and flesh. The cross models this incarnational reality, making possible both our eternal salvation as well as the restoration of the created universe.

1.0 Model: 1.1 Integral, 1.2 Horizontal, 1.3 Vertical...

1.4 CentriPetal

Integration happens as the model is set in motion, pulling everything toward the cross-point. Inertia must be overcome as preaching seeks to move us somewhere.

CloSer and Higher

Centripetal motion encourages integration, so that we draw closer to the center, even as we elevate heavenward. The movement is cone-shaped.

Word and Flesh, Truth and Grace

John 1 describes the integrative trajectory of Christ's incarnation. The one who comes after us will surpass us because he came before us. Integrative preaching pursues that same direction, personally and corporately, coil upon coil till the Kingdom comes on earth as it is in heaven.

1.0 Model: 1.1 Integral, 1.2 Horizontal, 1.3 Vertical, 1.4 Centripetal

Integrative Preaching 1.0 Model
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Kenton Anderson