American Women Rights By: Mia Ruck

In modern times, women around the world are being deprived from their civil rights but those living in America face living in a nation surrounded many people who don't wish to see them succeed.

Whether they choose to stand up for themselves or not, American women still endure unnecessary violence such as domestic violence, emotional/sexual/physical harassment, or even economic harm
Due to the careers that most women choose, men have been gaining higher pay rates as the years go by and therefore more luxuries.
Throughout history, many patterns of human right protests have occurred. "Ultimately, what history teaches is that there is no racial equality and no gender equality without equality for all." As citizens living in the Untied States of America, we need to understand how civil rights are the future of all humanity and how their will never be any peace in the world if we don't learn to set aside our differences.
As an every day citizen, you ca help by giving respect to those who get very little and by standing up for those in need of it. While there may be differences, we will always be humans together, so make sure to be kind to every one, no matter their age, gender, or race. Age doesn't define maturity and neither dose ones gender in IQ.


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