Gunnison One Valley Campaign Comprehensive Media Kit


Help us help you.

The Gunnison and Crested Butte community has done an admirable job coming together in the ongoing fight against COVID-19. As pandemic fatigue sets in, along with colder weather that will inevitably move more people and events indoors, we must be vigilant in order to keep our community safe and keep our schools and businesses open.

It’s a tall order, which is why Gunnison County has invested in a COVID-19 Communications Campaign to support the community as we ride out the pandemic as best we can. We’ve assembled this Community Communications Toolkit to aid you and your organizations in that effort. And you can help us by sharing the content found within via your own social media and communications channels.

Within this toolkit you’ll find social media assets and suggested copy for use in your own channels.

Please reach out with any questions, concerns or additional needs. We appreciate your support as we work to keep COVID-19 protocols top of mind until the pandemic comes to a close.


Gunnison County COVID Info- covid19.gunnisoncounty.org

To Report Symptoms- gunnisoncounty.org/covid19








#covidcritters #beonevalley #becb #crestedbutte #gunnison #covidcampaign #covidart #unityincommunity #respecttheherd

Below is some suggested social media copy. Each social media channel has its own unique specifications and requirements. If you decide to craft your own copy please be mindful of channel-specific character counts and related parameters.


Only you can put the UNITY in commUNITY. Let’s come together and crush COVID-19.


Be a symbol of strength. Maintain social distancing while flying high in the face of COVID-19.


Don’t get stuck in a rut. Let’s power through the pandemic together.


Be clever if you're under the weather. If experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, stay home and stay safe.


Scrub-a-dub-dub: stop the spread of COVID-19 by keeping hands and surfaces clean.


A word to the wise: look out for the little ones and the vulnerable people in our community.


Protect our community by boosting your immunity.


Air on the side of caution: opt outside to reduce exposure to COVID-19.


Share Trails: Find your place in open space.

Shred It: Get out there and clear your head. But keep COVID-19 protocols top of mind.

Feeling Blue

You are loved. You are essential. You are not alone.

Critters en Español

#Hashtag Stash

Use these hashtags with your posts!

#covidcritters #beonevalley #becb #crestedbutte #gunnison #covidcampaign #covidart #unityincommunity #respecttheherd

The imagery provided within this folder with the word "Social" in its title will work across multiple social media channels.

The other graphics within the folder are 8.5x11" and 11x17" poster sizes ideal for print.

Animated Raccoon Video

Live the dream and keep your hands clean. Be One Valley and beat COVID-19.

Animated Fox Video

Don’t take the risk and get others sick. Be One Valley and beat COVID-19.

Animated Elk Video

Animated Ram Video

There is strength in numbers. Get the vaccine to fight COVID-19. https://covid19.gunnisoncounty.org/vaccine/

Safety Protocol Postcard

This postcard graphic can be used digitally or printed to offer to your audiences a clear representation of the community safety protocols we recommend to keep Gunnison County safe.

Safety Protocol Email

Please use this designed email or newsletter format to share the recommended community safety protocols with your audiences.