Pace Does Pace impact Fame?

The QUESTION if Pace impacts Fame hinges on the leader's attitude.
Sales is about Cause & Effect ...
and to increase the probability of success, we must drive the right CAUSES. These causes are predictable, and create predictable outcomes.
Success doesn't happen by ACCIDENT, it happens because of cause and effect.
As you drive sales activity with your team, the effect will be more enrollments. The sales that come from these enrollments create your Fame Success! That's what Pace is all about!!
Lastly... Don't leave your success and your Fame to chance.
Post the score, and the score will improve. If you want your "Activity" score to improve, you must know the score on your Sales Activity!
And this is why we measure activity results during Pace!! When you know your score on the "cause" ... the score will go up!! And this leads to your Fame!!
LIGHT IT UP IN WK2 Activity Pace! Wednesday 1/11 through Friday 1/13!! OWN IT!!!!!
Strong sales activity will put you on course to 1st Quarter Fame!!!! Bam!!
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Adam Wichmann

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