COVID-19 update for 4/30 by: grinesa bajrami

#1 The Current Count

Around the world, there are 3,256,846 cases, with 233,388 deaths. In the United States, there are 1,095,445 cases, with 63,733 deaths. In Nevada, there are 4,998 cases, with 243 deaths.

#2 In the United States

Although the death toll for the United States is 60,000, experts predict the count is off by tens of thousands. Experts are urging that more tests be done.

#3 In Nevada

Student Council is preparing a graduation ceremony for Class of 2020. Today is the last day to submit senior photos. StuCo is also preparing a surprise for all seniors, where seniors were required to fill out a survey about some of their favorites.

#4 In Other News

To battle against climate change, Pakistan has hired thousands of people to help plant 10 billion trees. The five-year initiative was shutdown in March due to quarantine, however the program as relaunched earlier this month. This initiative is also giving jobs to thousands unemployed.

#5 If You're Bored

There are many new friend making apps, such as Yubo, where you can create a profile and find friends. Also, TikTok users have created surveys to help match people with a potential friend.


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