the inheritance is yours

KINGDOM LIFE is a stream of spirit and life that flows fom the Trinity into you and into us.

Not Just Effort

Many Believers struggle to understand that works of charity, private and public kindnesses are not in themselves creators of Christ’s Kingdom life. This is because the Kingdom that Jesus began is personal and communal since it is sourced in the trinitarian God. Unless we are living in Christ’s Gospel and not some gospel of works we are living in separation from God – even if what we have is Christianity.



Our inheritance is never separation and what we do is never a way of earning union with God through faithfulness to Jesus. We are one with God. We have union with God. Faithfulness to Jesus is living in this inheritance instead of trying to work-up some self-worth of our own. You have union with God in Christ. You have been drawn into His fellowship with the Father by the accomplishments of God. This is our starting point as a life-giver.

New Covenant

The New Covenant is not a theology. It's your Reality in which to live.

As life-givers – ministers of the new covenant- we are givers of this life when we live in this oneness and not givers of life, when we do not. Thus Jesus explains, ‘The Spirit gives life; the flesh counts for nothing. The words I have spoken to you--they are full of the Spirit and life’ John 6.63 NIV.

The New Covenant is The Plan. We are one substance with Christ. His life is our life and we participate in His life.

Union with God is the water of life.

You are alive and your thirst is quenched because He is in you and has woven Himself into your being.

Living Water is Christ in you and as you.

Jesus ministry and words came from the Son of Man living in oneness with Father. “Torrance accepts and seeks to expound the formula derived from Basil that states that creation is from the Father, through the Son, in the Holy Spirit.” (1) This denotes that life, creative and restorative life flows from the trinity into those who believe. It flows best when it is un-impeded by religion and is a free flowing of grace, spirit and life flowing from Father, through the Son and from the Spirit into you where it manifests as you and your ministry.

Fresh as Unlimited Life


A river of spirit and life flows from the throne of God, through Jesus, and the Holy Spirit into you. You are joined to the life-hub of spirit and life, by the Plan of our Father, By the at-one-ment of Jesus and the agency of Holy Spirit/

Fully human and fully ignited.

River of Living Water in and out of you.

“There can be no more laying of foundations, any more than there can be other incarnations or crucifixions of Christ or rebaptism.” Thomas Torrance.

(1) Myk Habets, Theosis in the Theology of Thomas Torrance.

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