Fear of Public Speaking

Speaking is one of the language skills. It's also a tool of communication with people and a way of expressing thinking and feeling. It seems easy but containing complex and profound meaning and on a different occasion, paying attention to various methods of expression and word choice is challenging. Compared with talking, public speaking is more formal and stately. On my perspective, public speaking is a challenging thing as an exchange student.

Last year, I took the public speaking course at Stratford. In the beginning, I didn’t want to take this class because I’m a shy person who is reluctant to communicate with others. When I decided to take this class, I thought I could learn some verbal skills and improve my English. The best thing is that we have a small class, with only five people. My first class was awkward because I said nothing in the class except to introduce myself. Sometimes, I tried to follow the conversation and said something, but I would organize my sentence before talking.

Before I took this class, I thought it would be tedious and challenging. However, it broke my impression of traditional public speaking, and it seemed like this class combined tradition and creativity. The most exciting thing was we have 12 different and fascinating topic, a few debates, and some interview practices in our class. Although my first speech was awful, as the number of the statement increased, I also accumulated some experience for improving my address.

I’m most grateful to my teacher, Mrs. Hoille Wangerin. She helped me for each speech, and she would evaluate my every statement conscientiously. When I finished my speech, she would tell me where I could improve or added more details, or eyes contact. Facts proved that my address was improving every time, regardless of my content or speech skills. What impressed me most was the process of preparing my statement because of my English skills.

So, when I wrote my speech draft that was suffering and challenging due to the grammar and word choice which was significant to speech. Mrs. Wangerin would help me to fix my mistakes. Before I presented each statement, I would practice more than 20 times in front of the mirror. If I had any pronunciation mistakes, I would practice it until perfect. Practicing was the best way to make me feel confident. When I reviewed all of my speech, I could see I made significant progress. “No pain, no gain,” that’s what I can think the best sentence for my experience. I overcame my shortcoming and my inner fear. That’s a valuable and unique experience.

Public speaking is not as difficult as people think. If you can take the step, then all difficulities will be readily solved.

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