year in review university innovation allIance

March 2014
  • After almost a year of meetings, planning, and refinement- the UIA Vision & Prospectus is signed by all eleven presidents & chancellors, formally creating the University Innovation Alliance.
  • UIA leaders begin to share our vision and goals with policymakers.
  • We encourage the White House to better incentivize collaboration in higher education.
UIA representatives with Jamie Merisotis from Lumina Foundation and Art Seavey from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation after meeting with the White House Domestic Policy Council.
UIA presidents, chancellors, provosts, and liaisons in the EEOB
August 2014:

UIA leaders gather for a board meeting in Chicago at the Big Ten Conference Headquarters to approve our operating plan, discuss future plans, elect leadership and hire Executive Director Bridget Burns.

UIA leaders and liaisons gather at the Big 10 Conference Center in Chicago, Illinois
September 16, 2014
  • We announce that $5.7 million has been raised to support our work from generous partners at the Ford Foundation, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Kresge Foundation, Lumina Foundation, Markle Foundation & USA Funds.
  • UIA leaders announce their commitment to match all philanthropic funds raised.
  • The UIA public rollout is held in Washington DC with hundreds in attendance. 67 articles, clips, and stories are written about our work nationally.
Attendees at our public rollout span the higher education landscape.
UIA leaders, funders, and supporters gather at the UIA public rollout on September 16, 2014 in Washington DC.
Students from all 11 campuses attend the rollout
Our website: is launched.
Our video explaining our goals and vision is unveiled.
UIA Campus Federal and Public Affairs teams organized an informational meeting on Capitol Hill with congressional staff, U.S. Department of Education leaders, and UIA representatives.
UIA Leaders at our congressional informational hearing.
November 2014:
  • Presidents, Chancellors, and liaisons gather for our board meeting in Orlando, FL.
  • Liaisons gather at the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching to design our future scale project using Improvement Science.
  • A national search for UIA Fellows is launched.
  • The Institutional Research Innovation cluster reconvenes to revisit, evaluate, and make recommendations about improving our collaborative attainment goals.
UIA liaisons gather at the Carnegie Foundation Improvement Science workshop where they develop our driver diagram, fishbone, student centereed process map technique, and comprehensive six month plan for our predictive analytics scale project.
We raise our collaborative goal to graduate 68,000 additional students by 2025, at least half of whom will be low-income students.
The White House Domestic Policy Council requests our help to develop a track at their upcoming summit (to incentivize collaboration among universities as a tool to improve student success).
December, 2014
  • Alliance campus leaders are invited to the White House Summit, and the UIA Chair is invited to speak about our work on stage.
  • Other collaborative groups form as a result of our work to advance a collaborative student success track at the College Opportunity Summit.
UIA leaders at the White House College Opportunity Summit.
President Obama shares about the UIA's collaborative goal to graduate an additional 68,000 students over the next 10 years.
January 2015
  • UIA leaders are invited to share about our work at various national forums and events including Association of Governing Boards, Opportunity America, and the Association of American Colleges & Universities' Centennial Annual Meeting.
  • UIA representatives meet with the Senate HELP committee staff to share about the UIA and our long term goals.
  • Campus Student Success Teams form across the UIA.
UIA leaders share about our work in various forums.
February 2015

Our first collaborative scale project is launched

  • Campus Student Success Teams begin their work.
  • The UIA holds our first scale project collaborative visit at Georgia State University, attended by 80 representatives across the UIA.
  • UIA Fellows begin to be hired.
UIA Campus Student Success Teams gather at Georgia State University for the first scale project convening. Over the course of two days, teams learn about GSU and their use of analytics/intensive advising, design their scale projects, and share with each other.
March 2015

The UIA is the cover story for the March 2015 edition of EDUCAUSE Review magazine.

EDUCAUSE Review: featuring three articles written by the UIA
April 2015
  • UIA Executive Committee meets in Scottsdale, AZ at the ASU+GSV Summit, where our work is featured during four separate panels with five UIA presidents and chancellors on stage.
UIA leaders on stage at the ASU+GSV Summit
  • April 10: The UIA is featured at the Institutional Design Frontier Summit in Phoenix, AZ.
  • April 16: UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns delivers the keynote address at the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Ed annual conference.
UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns at the IDF Summit.
UIA campus teams gather for the second scale project site visit.
  • Campus student success teams come together in Tempe Arizona to learn about ASU's use of eAdvisor, adaptive learning, and other student success intervention.
  • Teams meet privately to advance their workplans, and share their progress among the entire group.
UIA campus teams at ASU
  • April 27: UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns testifies before the California Committee for Awards for Higher Education Innovation. UIA member UC Riverside is one of the winners.
May 2015

UIA leaders present about our work at the Siyaphumelela "Building Success through Data Analytics Summit" in Johannesburg, South Africa.

Dr.Timothy Renick of Georgia State University and UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns share about our work in Johannesburg, alongside Dr. Candace Thille from Stanford University, and Bill Moses from the Kresge Foundation.
UIA Institutional Research leaders gather at the Association for Institutional Research Forum in Denver, CO.
June 2015
UIA Chair Dr. Michael Crow shares about our collaborative work at the NSF Directors Symposium for INCLUDES at the National Science Foundation in Arlington,Va.
June 9-10, 2015: Campus Student Success Teams gather in Austin, TX
  • All UIA campuses are now using or adopting predictive analytics, working with a variety of technology partners and seven different platforms.
  • UIA Fellow are now hired on ten campuses, supporting campus scaling projects and sharing collaboratively.
  • Innovation Clusters form around a variety of key topics including financial sustainability, faculty development and engagement, predictive analytics/data management, academic advising, and technology/CIO's.
Campus Student Success teams gather at University of Texas at Austin to learn about the University Leaders Network, Progress to Degree, and their use of predictive analytics. Teams continue to improve their analytics scale project work, and share with each other about progress.
June 18, 2015: UIA Presidents and Chancellors meet in Washington, D.C.
UIA presidents, chancellors, and provosts from Oregon State, Ohio State, Michigan State, UC Riverside, Arizona State, Georgia State, Iowa State, University of Kansas, and University of Central Florida gather in Washington, D.C. to discuss progress and next steps. 
JULY 2015

Dr. Timothy Renick from Georgia State University (GSU) testifies before the Senate HELP Committee. He shares about GSU's dramatic transformation and the work of the UIA.

Dr. Timothy Renick testifying before the Senate HELP Committee
August 2015
Liaisons gathered after our retreat

UIA Liaisons gather for a retreat in Seattle to review our progress and plan our work for the coming year.

UIA liaisons retreat in Seattle Washington
September 2015
  • The UIA team attends the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Interaction Effect to meet partners and share about our work (including the UIA Fellows program) on stage.
  • The UIA wins a 75k pitch competition in partnership with Achieving the Dream, the Maryland and Tennessee University Systems, and the Association of Public and Land Grant Universities.
The UIA team gathered at the Interaction Effect.
UIA Executive Director Bridget Burns on stage after the winning pitch.
The 2015-16 class of UIA Fellows.

Two rankings—U.S. News & World Report and Washington Monthly—expand their focus to applaud institutions for innovation. Four of our campuses and three of our university leaders are recognized for their innovative work.

Next up:
  • Campus scale projects will continue to advance, Innovation Clusters will continue to form, and the remaining fellows will be hired.
  • October 5-6 2015: Campus Student Success teams will gather at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH.
  • November 16, 2015: UIA Governing Board meeting will take place in conjunction with the APLU Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, IN.
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