My Life Be Like By: WIlliam Kelly

General Info

  • 1st Things 1st- twit handle/insta- @wkelly20
  • 2nd things 2nd-Born and Raised in the 704 (Concord/Charlotte, NC)
  • Clemson vs the world
  • Intramural Basketball Orange League 3rd Round
  • 5th Grade Spelling Bee 3rd place
  • Majoring in Biological Science
  • Gifted Napper


Oh Wait You Meant Like Actual Goals

  • Graduate Clemson
  • Attend Medical School
  • Do what I love for the rest of my life
  • Witness a Clemson National Championship
  • Leave behind a legacy

Accomplishments (see General Info for More)

  • Top 10 high school graduating class
  • Never missed a day of school...except for the days I did miss
  • HS Athlete yeah yeah yeah
  • Never lost a game of FIFA where I was up at least 6 goals
  • Never made below a 96 on a Chemistry Test-Especially proud of this one

Definition of Happiness

Yup Here Was Good
Some Main Squeezes

My definition of happiness is doing what I love with the people I love. Having the freedom to pursue things that I want to pursue is not something I take for granted and plan to live it out to the fullest.

Why I Chose To Attend Clemson

Just some of my closest friends

I chose to attend Clemson because of the atmosphere that surrounds this place. I love how everyone is #ALLIN with every sport Clemson plays and every direction the University pursues. There is a feeling of family around the University and the Upstate which has called me home, and I have been enamored with it ever since I set foot on campus.

Also I am granola (ha, not)

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