Women & The Media By Xoe Watchman

Women & The Media

So ladies, I want you to think back on a time you watched TV...with commercials. So no, netflix doesn’t count! With that being said can any of you think of an advertisement where a woman was in a bikini or performing a task in slow motion, or both? Did you ever wonder what she could be selling? Why is she in a bikini in slow motion until finally at the end the carl's jr logo pops up or a beer logo appears. These are classic examples of the media's unequal depiction of women. The sexualizing of women in order to sell things to men has been a trend since advertisements began. From showing a beautiful woman hosting the latest house supplies in her kitchen to two girls half making out with a burger on the beach women are portrayed as mindless vessels made for every man’s fantasy. We are far more than our looks we are women with brains, and lives, and bodies that are not created for the sole purpose of sexualizing simple tasks to appease men.

I challenge you watch those commercials closely, TV, magazines, and billboards closely. The more you pay attention the more you will find that we don’t need to be in a bikini to tell sell tickets to the movies and cologne doesn’t have be pictured as our most intimate parts to smell good. I challenge you to be a generation of women who says no to sexualizing yourself or other women. I challenge you to think outside the box! We are women and we can do anything!

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Xoe Watchman

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