The Great Depression By: Lamont c.

This featured picture is from the following site below:

This is a adobe spark page about the times of trouble during the Great Depression.

This picture of the MACBETH Theater represents how lots of people would go to enjoy the entertainment there during the time of the Great Depression.

This picture of the MACBETH is from:

The MACBETH Theatre

This is a video that explains the Great Depression through details from real life documentary about the time of loss and hardships during The Great Depression.

There was also lots of crimes and criminals doing the crimes during The Great Depression. This was because the low economy during The Depression so people started to rob banks so they would have money to pay off bills and money that was owed. The the video explains the robberies and the criminals doing the robberies.

The pictures shown below are pictures of some of the criminals during 1920's, and 1930's which was the time of The Great Depression.

This is a picture of Ma Parker . From
This is a picture of John Dillinger. From http://pesd-rocket/access/web?id=29e317b7-0d9a-11e7-82a7-002590329c7e
This is a picture of Baby Face Nelson. From

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