LOGO EVOLUTION by: Brianna Raddatz


IDENTITY: The identity of the Nike corporation is to cater mainly to athletes. They have quality products that are constantly being improved to go with current styles. Nike has expanded their market to catch the attention of all kinds of people recently.

NAME: The Nike company name has its origins in Greek mythology and is named for Nike, the Greek goddess of victory. The goddess Nike is also known for her traits of swift running and flying. Nike company founders first used the name for the company's first manufactured running shoe.

COLORS: Nike's previous older logos featured a red and white color pallet. Recently, Nike's black swoosh has gained popularity. The color black represents; strength, power, and authority.

BRAND MAKEOVER: Nike switched from red and white colors to a black logo to look more sophisticated, this new black swoosh has gained significant popularity and is a known worldwide symbol for the company.




IDENTITY: Under Armour wants to empower all athletes.

NAME: Under Armour got its name from a former University of Maryland football player who wanted to create an undershirt for his sweaty football players.

COLORS: Colored white and black, the Under Armour logo features black to represent power and strength.

BRAND MAKEOVER: Under Armour has never made changes to their logo because their logo features the U and the A combined.


"Reigning Champ" Fleece Sweatshirt $110
Women's Jacket; $70


IDENTITY: Inspire people to live with a passion for a sporting lifestyle.

NAME: Named after a man "ADI DASler"

BRAND MAKEOVER: The ADIDAS continued to update their logo to give it a more modernized appearance.


Adidas Women's Jacket; $95

EXTENDING BRANDS: Nike branched out to Lebron James, a very popular basketball player. According to Sports Illustrated, the deal may be worth more then one billion dollars. James wearing Nike shoes is great advertising for the company.

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