Walrus by: Dylan stanley

"Scientific Name"

Odobenus Rosmarus


There range is north of the Bering Strait, in the Chukchi Sea of the Arctic Ocean.


Walrus prefer molluscs, mostly bivalves such as clams.

"Physical Description"

" A walrus is a marine mammal with flippers, a broad head, short muzzle, small eyes, tusks and whiskers. An average life span is 16 to 30 years.

"Breading Info"

Calves are usually 99-165 pounds at birth. Mating season is between December and March.

" Special Behavior/Unique Anatomy"

They are very social animals. They spend 2/3 of there lives in and out of water. Males and Females are in separate herds out of mating season.

" Weird/Interesting Info"

Ten Million years ago there were walruses roaming earth, and walruses can dive up to 660 feet below water.


"The End"


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