The Moon Tourism Branding that is Out of This World

Current State of the Brand

While there is currently a Wikipedia page dedicated to "Tourism on the Moon," the moon tourism brand is lacking. Current tickets from private companies such as SpaceX and the Golden Spike Company for trips to the moon range from $150 million to $750 million, and these are all for as yet unplanned trips in the vague near future.

For the purpose of this project, we will operate under the assumption that private travel to the moon is a well-established tourism industry and accessible to the "every man."

In 2016, NASA released a series of travel posters for places within and, more recently, outside of our solar system. The graphics are illustrative rather than realistic, but the branding is exceptionally creative. Notable is that a travel poster was not created for the Moon.
NASA even went as far as creating a (fictional) Exoplanet Travel Bureau to advertise some of these "exotic" locales.

While the advertising created by NASA is very creative, the aesthetic lends itself more to the realm of science fiction. My aim is to create a tourism brand that is realistic, showcasing the moon as a resort destination through photorealism.

All the feels

Environment Aesthetic
Logo Ideas - Geometric; use of negative space
Possible Color Scheme
Preliminary Logo Sketches
Logos created for fictitious tourist attractions on the moon as well as Luna, the name of the settlement, and the Lunar Visitors Bureau.
Brainstorming and wireframe for travel website
Website mockup
Facebook Carousel Ads
Outdoor and web advertising

To Infinity and Beyond

  • Further Explore Social Media - Snapchat geofilter, Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Build out website.
  • Environmental design.
  • Create more businesses and logos for them.


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