Refractions & Reflections The bending of light and time by Brett field

"What makes photography a strange invention is that it's primary raw materials are light and time"

That was the brief. It was time to hit the streets of Shoreditch!

Hitting Shoreditch.

When light warps or refracts it take visible white light and rips it open into an array of it's colourful components. A checker board backdrop was ideal to showcase this.

It gets really interesting because you can bend light and warp time. I shot this whole series with using a prism to reflect and refract light and time.

Using white sunlight as a source I reflected refracted light which presented as a rainbow over our host town of Shoreditch.

Placing Rainbows in Shoreditch

Time is an instant in which you can only be in one place. Well kind of, but not really. Reflection allows you to mix it up and warp time. It was time to turn it up a little!

From Photography Jam come's Traffic Jam. As shot in camera, showcasing the multitude of traffic users bustling about the neighbourhood.

Traffic Jam

I found this crazy character and helped him into the story via reflection. I left him waiting for the bus. Watching the crossroads.

Ooooh look a squirrel....

Sorry, let's get back to the crossroads.

All crossroads meet in the middle. Don't worry... no cars where damaged in capturing this image! But it makes you think about your TIME in the LIGHT. Life and death...

Setting the scene for the shot to follow.

Life and death. The realities of life. That and cars in front of your shot. I wanted both life and death represented in one image so I used my prism to reflect death onto life to create a single shot.

Time to reflect and refract.


A day of refraction and reflection.

Shoreditch and Adobe Photography Jam, I thank you!

So excited to have won the Adobe Photography Jam competition in London with this story!

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Brett Field

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