florida Museum of natural history Simran Giri 3.2.17

When you enter the museum, the grand display of the Woolley Mammoth skeleton just grabs your attention. It's location right at the entrance helps to set the tone for what the rest of the museum experience will be like: a display of the wonders of the natural world, past and present.
This next exhibit was the Butterfly Rainforest. They have created a space for nature to exist in harmony, these various organisms coexist in this small biosphere. The way this exhibit is set up, you get to observe and take in the natural beauty of all of these organisms without disturbing them or getting in the way of their daily functions. The day I visited the museum was a rainy one so I got a "true" rainforest experience.
Perspective: that feeling when you realize how small you and your problems are in the grand scheme of things. There's nothing like standing in front of the skeleton of an extinct giant sloth to help you feel really small!

This display of the change in shark jaws over time really helps to cement the mystery and magic of nature. We get to see the process of evolution at work.

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