Irish Strong is a student-athlete led movement to redefine how we talk about mental health
Over the past few years, mental health has become one of the biggest threats to student well-being
The way our culture talks about mental health can make it difficult for all people, including student-athletes at Notre Dame and elsewhere, to take the steps they might need in order to get stronger
Irish Strong works to flip this narrative by emphasizing that just like any other element of our game or life, we can all take steps to strengthen our mental well-being
A month long social media campaign to arm student-athletes with practical tips and advice to improve their mental well-being.
Fighting Irish Baseball and Women's Soccer wearing their #IrishStrong Bands during games against Florida State and Purdue respectively.
Over 300 students participated in the first ever #MentalHealthWeek kick off at the Big Ten Championship as they raised their #IrishStrong signs and let people know what they do to stay strong mentally.
During the first ever Mental Health Town Hall, four student-athletes spoke and told their stories involving a wide variety experiences on the mental health spectrum. Following this panel, student-athletes from 16 different teams had small group discussions on redefining how we talk about mental health and their personal experiences on positive mental health practices.