Be Prepared An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

In 2015 Nepal was devastated by massive earthquakes. Over 8,000 people lost their lives, hundreds of thousands lost their homes. Homes were destroyed, schools were destroyed, many people were forced to live in makeshift shelters, tents or under tarpulins; many are still living this way a year and a half later.

At Her Farm, located in the village of Mankhu in the Dhading District we were not far from the epicenter. Because we had earthquake resistent facilities, backup power systems, access to a truck and trained staff we were able to reach out and help our neighbors. But, we could have done more with better facilities, equipped for emergencies.

Under Construction now, the Mankhu Emergency Center. The first comprehensive shelter for disasters in Nepal
The flowchart of services in Mankhu

We're building a complete center to serve the villages surrounding Her Farm. When complete the center will have a medical clinic, small medical lab to support the clinic, a tailoring center to make clothing for disaster victims, 10,000 gallons of freshwater supply, sleeping area for up to 150 people, kitchen capable of feeding 150 people a day, solar and other backup power systems, multiple toilets, a local FM radio to disseminate news throughout the local communities and trained staff to manage everything.

We have trained one girl as a nurse who is now on duty at Her Farm and we have two other local girls from the village in training, one to be a nurse assistant and one as a lab technician. In addition we have others from the village in training as veterinary technicain to care for any injured livestock and agricultural technician to oversee and assist with farm recovery efforts following disasters. We have one woman on the staff fully trained in FM radio operation and we are training other women in photography and videography to mobilize as field observers for disasters.

There is nothing else like this anywhere in Nepal. The building itself is paid for thanks to gracious and generous donors. We are now seeking help for beds, blankets, huge pots and pans to prepare large quantities of food, bowls and cups, stainless steel food prep tables and kitchen utensils as well as medical lab equipment and FM radio equipment. (Update - the FM radio is now fully funded)

What is The Long-term Impact?

There's no doubt natural disasters will continue to be an issue in Nepal. In 2015 the country was caught unprepared and even a year and a half later people are still living in tents. We will not be unprepared again.

This center will be able to coordinate the needs of Mankhu and surrounding villages so the right aid reaches the right people, at the right time.

When not needed for disasters and emergencies the center will become a meeting hall and training center for the entire community.

Our goal is that no person in this village ever finds themselves living under a plastic tarp again.

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