Jim Crow By Ian Russell

During Jim Crow their were many unspoken laws that blacks were expected to follow no matter how unnecessary. For example, blacks and whites were not supposed to ride in cars together. If they did African Americans would have to ride in the back seat of cars, while the whites were supposed to sit in the front.

Also on top of being treated all around horrible. They also were striped of their new rights to vote as people would threaten to harm or kill African Americans who tried to vote. Also if they did vote or if a black man won they would rig the vote to make sure who ever they wanted won the election.

During Jim Crow their was a job called crop sharers. These were all black males who were basically slaves but had some more freedom depending on who you were working with. These people were mostly former slaves, and got tricked into doing this job because they had no where to go after getting freed and that includes no house and most likely no known family outside of their plantation. So these slave owners offered them a home to work for them for pad prices for how much work they were doing.

Lynching was also something that happened during Jim Crow. If you do not know Lynching as essentially killing an African American and then celebrating after words. This was completely un constitutional and savage for people to be doing this even if it was 60-70 years ago.

In conclusion

Jim Crow era was a horrible time to live through and definitely marks our history in a big way. But what i think is even more historic was the civil rights movement and how all these people got some of their rights back and decided to fight for what was theirs.

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