Transmission of Sounds By: Miguel Martins, Ethan BOrges, Francisco Leite, Inês Salgado, Vera GuerreiRo, Rodrigo Reis And António MendeS.


If a cricket rubs its wings together they vibrate, the wings push against the air and the vibration spread , the stronger the vibration the louder de sound! The faster something vibrates the higher pitch the sound. Pitch is the word that the describes whether the sound is high or low.

Amplitude and Frequency

Frequency, in physics, number of waves that pass a fixed point in time, also the number of cycles or vibrations undergone during one unit of time by a body in periodic motion.

The amplitude is how high the waves are.

How does sound get from the source to your ears?

Sound is a transverse wave that is always contracting with your ears. They always work in a different way and size. And you can identify it by the volume of the sound: the frequency.

Though air is the most common medium through which we hear sound, the vibrations that cause sound are transmitted through other substances as well. In fact, most solids and liquids conduct sound waves more efficiently than air and other gases do.

Sound in air and water


It is easy to sound to travel through air because for example when you speak your vocal cords vibrate and then create waves that are transmitted all the way to the ear (making the particles in the air to vibrate as well)


Its much harder for the waves ro travel through the water because of the high density (a lot of particles) the particles are to close to each other that they don't have space to vibrate

What is a sonar?

Sonar is a system used by plane, boats and animals to detect objects by emitting sound pulses and detecting or measuring their return after being reflected.

Echolocation of animals

The echolocation of animals is sound transmitted by them to others. The echolocation is always from different languages or types echolocation, and that reflects in the type of animal or specie.

Ultrasound applications

Ultrasound shines at the first choice for some applying in show images from gyn to abdominal, vascular and cardiac specialties. Using sound instead of x-ray, ultrasound makes it simple and safe, shows immediately the images and it's very easy to transport.

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