POP ART!!!!! Michael Mauney-Luce James Emanuel

DEFINITION OF POP ART: Art based on modern popular culture and the mass media, especially a critical or ironic comment on tradition fine art values.

What year did pop art get started? It began in the 1950s but became popular in the 1960s

Who were two famous pop art artists? One famous man was Keith Haring. Another one is Robert Rauschenberg.

Haring right, bottom, Rauschenberg top left


Created with images by garlandcannon - "Imagine Yourself As A Carnation" • The Hyper-Psych Art of Michael J Bowman - "Peak by Michael J Bowman" • Cupoheld - "art modern art modern pop art" • Nick Kenrick.. - "Either you decide to stay in the shallow end of the pool or you go out in the ocean... Christopher Reeve" • Olichel - "museum art architecture" • PixelAnarchy - "blue drip modern pop art" • Zorro4 - "bird tree sculpture birds" • wpaczocha - "dragonfly insect dragonflies" • MEDIODESCOCIDO - "Marilyns pop art" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "graffiti man umbrella" • dimitrisvetsikas1969 - "car old car antique" • Pexels - "man person art" • Simon Daniel Photography - "Eye Eye!" • Sabine Mondestin - "Goddess Sabine Mondestin POP Art" • grandcanyonstate - "grass bowl green" • annegordon - "elephant enrollment intermittent" • SFB579 Namaste - "karen pop art"

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