SF Giants Game April 27, 2017

We're going to the Giants game on Thursday!

We're all very excited! We need to go over our schedule to make sure we have fun!

The Caltrain will take us all the way to the game! This video is the exact train that takes us to the stop, play it to see where we'll go (It's a long video :).

Once we get to our stop, remember to stay together. We'll walk to AT&T Park. It might be busy, so we need to stay together :).
At the stadium, there will be lots of people, and we will wait in line sometimes. It will be so much fun!

All the Giants will be on the field...

We'll sit and watch the game, walk around the park, eat ballpark food (if diet is ok), and use the bathroom as often as we need to. :) The games are long, but we'll still have fun!

After the game is over, we'll take the Caltrain Back to school.

Our beautiful school

We'll get picked up to go home. What a wonderful day at the ballpark!


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