No Zoo by josh

The animals like come out their cages and attack some of the people at the zoo and the animal see a person and think it it's going to attack him so the animal up to the person hair and eyes and ears the person even people might have to shoot the animals and that so some of the people get mad this that you will chaos. In my opinion, we should not have zoos because animals can attack and they need freedom

The cages feels like a prison cell and when they see people they're scared because they're afraid of to going to the zoo. The animals should have a big barn with no fences. They’re at the zoo when should be in their own country.

Animals and people can get hurt because of zoos. The bears might jump out of their cages and hurt people. People can hurt animals when they capture the animals they might shoot it by accident.

Zoos are not safe for some people. We shouldn’t have zoos because they hurt animals. They are scared of the humans. The animals need freedom.


Created with images by Richard Walker Photography - "A Dog's Life"

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