Finland BY Anthony Guerrero

Physical Characteristic

IN Finland they have many amazing places like Halti use to be the border between Norway and Finland now it's a big rock.Finland is in the temperate zone 23.5 longitude and 66.5 latitude.


In Finland there are 5,268,799 people most of them live in 5 major city's.

Helsinki is one of the most populated city's in Finland housing 558,457.

Espoo is another city that is populated with 256,760 people.

Tamere is also one of the most populated city's Finland with 202,687 people living in the area.

Vantaa is the 4th major city in Finland carry's 190,058 .

Turke is the 5th largest city in Finland having 175,945.


Finland is a developed country it's GDP per capita is 35,900 dollars it's life expectancy is 79.69 which means they live a long time.It's literacy rate is at 100% which means they get good education.


In Finland they mostly speak Finnish.The main religion is Christianity


Finland is located in northern Europe in Scandinavia. Finland is in the northern and eastern hemispheres.



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