Poetry Portfolio By Davin Reyes

"I flash a bright light, a bolt of lighting, When one quick strike is all it takes , and a single bash to the wall can bring it down, When you check corners for the ones who look for you And, You move as quiet as mouse ,And listen like a hawk Which is all you need to create a clean slate ,Which is as pure as a new sailing boat."- Davin Reyes
The poem is how i feel you can move around the world you can bright like a bolt of lighting, or quite like a mouse, you can all knowing like a hawk, or wreck the Earth like a quake. This poem uses a lot of smiles which i feel is a very god way to speak your opinion.
"The sun, The beating heart of life, without it none would be here, Water is the fuel that drives us to live, And the food chain is what keeps this all in motion, But when you have some one, Who has their own motives, A disaster to the world, A trouble that can not be fixed, A problem that can take life, Faster than light can travel, Although the process, May be long, And a trial. These people sometimes, Thrive, To seek out and find the truth, And kill it with no remorse, And when this happens, The sun will still rise in the morning, And set at the days end."- Davin Reyes
This poem talks about how the world functions, and how sometimes there are people who try to disrupt it and possibly even change it, but in the end the sun still rises in the morning. In this poem i used metaphors which personally I do not like the best because they seem to tedious.
"The lighting of the lamps in vacant lots, And the people assuming certain certainties, When the withered, grimy scraps Of the ancient women, As they gather the tight souls, That stretch across the dark skies, And the broken pots and lonely cab-horses, Sit and wait for the 6-o’clock In the blackened streets ,As the newspapers soon burn out And the smoky days come to an end."- Davin Reyes
"You see the struggles of life, And try to capture the fire, That strikes disaster, Where ever it flares And you look the threatening display, Of struggle and colors Which break the stream of spring In seconds, And the torrential lost of pride Burns you from the inside."- Davin Reyes
Both of the poem s above are examples of found poetry from T.S. Eliot's "Preludes" and CNN Student News. I personally like Found poetry, but I am not sure why it just seems to appeal to me especially if you have a source with a very good word bank to pick from.
"I come with no wrapping or pretty pink bows. I am who I am from my head to my toes. I tend to get loud when speaking my mind. Even a little crazy some of the time."- S. Raine
I picked this poem because I like the meaning of having to stand up for who you really are and not changing who you are just because other people aren't like you. This poem uses rhyming and is meant to be read fast and peppy which i think gives it a good tone saying how it's suppose to be a good thing to be different.
I really enjoyed this poetry lesson and did learn a lot more about poetry such as different forms of it and more vocabulary. I have liked poetry for about 2-3 years now because i just think it is a really interesting way to speak your mind. The activities that helped me learn the most was writing different forms of poetry and when we had to analyze different poems. I very much enjoy poetry and hope to do another lesson on it next year.
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