All The Bright Places Niven, Jennifer

Book Evaluation: This book is by far the best book I have read it had romance to heart break. I like that it was beautifully written and the author knew how to pull the audience in from the first page. This book shows to you a life lesson that you always don't know that the person your are the closest with could be suffering from an illness.
Author Bio: Jennifer Niven is from Charlotte, North Caroline. She is 48 years old and started writing in 2000 and has not stopped writing. She has wrote ten books and when she is not writing she is working in her web magazine. She went to college at Drew University in Madison, New Jersey. She is a New York Times Bestseller and it is soon to be a Major Motion Film.
Setting, Genre, Theme: This book is a realistic fiction novel set in the state of Indiana. The time of the story is present. The theme of this book is that you cant hold your self responsible for another ones actions even if you were the closest to them.
Plot Summary: Violet is a girl who lives for the future even though she lost her sister a year before. Finch is a boy who is wondered by death and he thinks of ways how he can but he finds Violet. One day on the bell tower at their school they both meet each other on a bell tower and it is unclear who saves whom. They are assigned to do a project on the wonders of Indiana and this is how they fall in love.
Characters: Violet is a cheerleader, but she is not the type of cheerleader you would think of.She wears glasses but behind them she is pretty like a porceline doll. She has a face like the shape of a heart with big eyes and a pretty smile. Elanor was Violets sister who died a year ago in a car accident. Finch is good looking with black hair and green eyes. He was a trouble maker a year ago but he has changed.
Main Conflict: Violets main problem in the story is that she tries to grieve for her sisters death by being around Finch. Finch's main problem in the story is trying to stay alive for Violet. These conflicts were resolved by Violet falling in love with Finch too distract her loss of her sister. Finch's conflict is resolved by him killing himself.
Unknown Words: ultraviolet-ultraviolet radiation, pretentious-attempting to impress by affecting greater importance, propulsion-the action or act of pushing forward, bollocks-the testicles, annihilated- destroy, unnervingly- to deprive of courage, revamp- give a new form of appearance
Quotes: "What if life could way? Only the happy parts. None of the terrible. Not even the mildly unpleasant. What if we could cut out all the bad and keep the good?" (129)-When Finches sister says this it shows me that everyone is going to feel this after his death. "I know life enough to know that you cant count on things standing around or standing still, no matter how much you want them to".(112)- By Finch saying this it shows me that he is foreshadowing what will happen.


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