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When communities of people are marginalized, this leads to crime.
I chose this topic, because I am a Political Science major and find researching correlations between crime and other factors interesting. Many have incorrect views about crime; that it is exclusive to just African- Americans, but why is this the case today? In this presentation I will discuss why crime is an issue in the inner-cities.
The first thing that must be understood is: poverty surrounded by wealth is the greatest cause of crime.
This is relevant currently, because with the discussion of Syrian refugees coming to America; the question of criminal activity has been raised. Many think only in terms of terrorism, but as this presentation will explain, when groups of people are marginalized and impoverished, crime is created.

If every American welcomed Syrians with open arms and offered them every opportunity afforded to Americans, then Syrian criminal gangs would not form. But if they come here and are secluded to communities of just Syrians with little hope to advance in American society, then the United States will face the development of a new criminal organization.

Let's take a trip back in time to the turn of the 20th century in America.

In the early 20th Century, Italians and Irish were not welcomed into American Society.
Instead, these groups were secluded to communities of only their ethnicity. An example of this is Little Italy in the North End of Boston and Harlem New York City.
When groups of impoverished people see chances to move up in society, but are marginalized by society, crime is created.
Because the Italians were not accepted into society, some within their communities began to dominate those communities.
In these neighborhoods, if business owners did not pay the Mafia, then their businesses would be destroyed. In such a tight knit community, no one sought outside help.
The same thing happened in the 1960's and 70's with African Americans who were not accepted into society.
With the absence of law enforcement and impoverished living conditions, on the outskirts of affluent cities, crime amongst Black Communities began
Eventually, the Irish and Italians simulated into society. This having to do partly with their caucasian appearance.
African - Americans however, are much easier to identify than an Irish or Italian might be.
When the chances of escaping poverty are so small- some turn to crime to fulfill their needs.

The more densely populated the area, the higher the crime rate. Typically densely populated areas are impoverished and many have only a small space to call their own.

If Syrian refugees come to the United States and are marginalized, then Syrian criminal gangs will form

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