Plate Boundaries By kaden johnston-halbin

This is a Convergent Boundary. The plates in a convergent boundary move towards each other. The type of stress a convergent boundary has is compression (where both plates collide). The type of landform a convergent boundary creates are Mountain Ranges, Ocean Trenches, and Volcanic Arcs. Mt. Rainier is a real world event.

This is a Divergent boundary. The two plates in a divergent boundary move away from each other. The type of stress it has is tension. The type of landforms it makes are Mid-Ocean Ridges and Continental Rifts. A divergant Boundary happened in Arequipa

The plate motion for a transform boundary is either up and down or side to side. The type of stress it has is shear stress. The type of landforms a transform boundary are fault lines and oceanic fracture zones.A real world event that happened with a transform boundary was California.


Created with images by RTMoynihan - "Flowers in the plate boundary" • pmlbird - "PML Convergent Boundary" • Banco de Imágenes Geológicas - "Golfo Pérsico (NASA Terra-Modis)" • Wolfgang Staudt - "Capitol Reef National Park"

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