March Madness Survey By: Matt Tran


The topic I chose to do was about the March Madness Tournament. I chose this topic because I was interested in finding out which team people had winning the whole tournament given the teams in the Final Four. I wanted to see if there was any common answer that kept coming up or if people favored one team winning it all over another team. To test this question, I designed a ten-question survey that were all opinion based, so there is no correct or incorrect answer. I also wanted to do this topic because I love the game of basketball. Specifically, I enjoy the March Madness Tournament because of the intensity and the unpredictableness of the games.

The answers to each of my questions on my survey were varied. On all of the questions, no more than sixty percent of the people chose one answer. Except on one question, where eighty percent of the people asked chose one answer, making that question the most popular. I found out that of the ten people I asked, forty percent of them had North Carolina winning whole thing, making this answer most popular for this question. The second most popular answer, was Gonzaga at thirty percent, then follows South Carolina at twenty percent, and then follows the least popular answer, Oregon at ten percent. This shows that a lot of the people that I sent this survey to, believe that North Carolina would take home the trophy.

I am somewhat surprised with by results. I am surprised by my results because I did not expect it to be this varied. Also, I am somewhat surprised with my results because I expected most people to pick Gonzaga to win the whole thing. I thought that this was going to be the popular vote because Gonzaga had only lost 1 game in the entire season while entering the Final Four. Also, they were the first seed, alongside North Carolina. I am concluding that most people that I sent this survey out to were either North Carolina fans, or just flat-out thought that North Carolina was going to win it all, even though they themself were rooting for another team.

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