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Whether you’re optimizing a few thousand square feet, or a few million, translating your vision into a real plan takes time and a lot of skill. Our in-house facility design experts can help you get it done.

Whether you’ve sketched your idea on the back of a napkin, or already have a good idea of what you want your new warehouse space to include, the in-house facility team at Storage Solutions is available to assist you however you need them. For some of our customers, especially those managers who are tasked with several duties within their organization, that means building the floor plans from scratch and delivering efficient designs from the ground up.

You know that every build out has potential to bring real efficiencies to your distribution center, and savvy design can help drive increased profits. Every opportunity to arrange space that will ultimately save time in your operation is welcome, but outside consultants can be expensive. Fortunately, Storage Solutions’ integrated supply and service can help. Our experts can review your plans and help uncover opportunities for improvement. We’ve reviewed hundreds of millions of square feet and our experience helps our customers fine tune their space for maximum efficiency.



Client utilizing three separate bulk cooler facilities with additional refrigerated storage trailers.

Before Utilization Assessment


  • All facilities utilized single high bulk floor stack storage designs
  • Dry inventory stored with cooler product
  • Product shuttled from warehouses B and C to be cross docked in warehouse A
  • Lot control issues with bulk floor locations & inventory aging out
  • Low productivity due to double handling from trailers, mixed lot dates in location
After Utilization Assessment


  • Five level select rack warehouse design
  • Five level drive in for dry bulk storage
  • Separate storage for cooler & dry inventory
  • Storage trailers eliminated
  • Double handling & cross dock activity eliminated
  • Average utilization at 85% in cooler
  • Single lot date per storage location
  • 21% ROI



Before Utilization Assessment


Pre-existing storage location sizes would require additional overflow space or relocation to a new facility.

After Utilization Assessment


  • New storage design accommodates new inventory
  • Design utilization went up from 46% to 70%
  • Improvements made by moving low quantity SKUs from 2 & 3 deep, 2 high bulk to selective rack
  • Increased selective rack from 65 bays to 437 bays
  • Increased selective rack from 3 levels to 5 levels
  • Reduced space needs by 19%


Our Solutions Development & Design team comes from decades of experience. We evaluate facility layouts and create a solution that allows you to utilize your available space in the most efficient manner while also maximizing productivity.

With this knowledge, we conduct every assessment in finite detail specifically for each customer! Because every facility is unique, we use a proven data driven process to improve your storage utilization, increase facility capacity, improve productivity & reduce operating costs. Use our experience and industry knowledge to improve the bottom line and customer service levels within your operation.

If your current challenges are so great that facility optimization is not enough to address them, our team can also assist with a greenfield facility design & growth plan that will make your distribution center a long term competitive advantage for your organization.

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