El Silbón (The whistler)

El Silbón legend Comes form Venezuela.

El Silbón was a young spoiled boy who asked his father for a deer heart when hIs father failed to bring the heart he killed him. Taking his organs back home for his mom to cook.

After noticing how tough the meat was she realized it was her husbands. His family then whipped him and set the dog on him.

They say till this day he roams around the llano whistling, counting bones he has in a bag as a sign he's still there, people believe those bones are his dad's.

El Silbón is the ghost of a young man who misses his days of drinking he's known to target young drunk people on there way back from partying. They say not only does he scare them but uses there belly buttons as a straw, sucking out the alcohol in their stomachs.

Since then El Silbón has been used to scare teenage kids from drinking late at night.

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Estefani Gonzalez

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