Botanical Garden Project - Evan Rowe by Evan rowe

Serenoa repens, known as saw palmetto. It is commonly found in subtropical southeastern states. It is a vascular plant with seeds,is an angiosperm, and a monocot. They have adapted to their nutrient poor environment by growing thick leaves which help conserve water and have a stomata on both sides to get more resources. Humans use the saw palmetto for medical issues like prostate cancer and other prostate issues.
Strongylodon macrobotrys is the jade vine's common name. It is found in the forests of the Philippines. It is a vascular plant, has seeds, is an angiosperm, and is a monocot. They have adapted by making it easier for it to get pollinated by bats because of the hooks. Humans use it for decoration because of its beautiful colors.
The Cymbidium also known as the Boat Orchid is a vascular plant, with seeds, that is a monocot, and is an angiosperm. They have adapted by being long lasting, growing quickly, and produce lots of seeds which help their chances of survival. They are used for decorations.


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