Help Us Grow EMPOWERING Precarious Settlements to become DIGNIFIED Communities

Challenges in Informal Settlements
Riverview, informal settlement, Citrusdal, Western Cape, South Africa

“HUG was founded in 2008, by Martine Mouton and Jan Oosthuizen to help volunteer social uplifting projects in Citrusdal gain organizational capacity and access to funding. The focus in the beginning was two-fold due to Martine coming from a Conservation background and Jan from a Social Reform background hence the name and logo "Help us grow" hugging a tree. Soon the focus became primarily Social Upliftment. Jan emphasised that projects should grow from the ground up through relationships first, find a person with a calling, then support and build together. Discover the riches in a community, then help them build themselves up. (Asset-based Development) It is said that: “Throughout human history, most people live and die in the social class into which they were born. We cannot bring change to the individual if we do not affect the culture.” The best way to transform a culture is through raising healthy children, within a healthy extended family, the Church.

“It takes a Village to Raise a Child”

It Takes Church to Raise a Village

HUG is devoted to EMPOWERING Precarious Settlements to become DIGNIFIED Communities


  • Christ-Centered (in values, character, mindset, ethics, identity, habits and lifestyle)
  • Inclusivity & Connectedness (Equality and Inclusion)
  • Effectiveness & High Standards (Grow from the inside out)
  • Loving Passion (Love our highest Ethic and Motive)
Kids coming to the Nutrition Centre
He raises the poor out of the dust, And lifts the needy out of the ash heap, that He may seat him with princes—with the princes of His people. PSALM 113:7

Poor people typically talk in terms of shame, inferiority, powerlessness, humiliation, fear, hopelessness, depression, social isolation, and voicelessness. God established four foundational relationships for each person: a relationship with God, with self, with others, and with the rest of creation. These relationships are the building blocks for all of life. When they are functioning properly, humans experience the fullness of life that God intended, because we are what God created us to be.

We envision a multi-purpose community development centre in Riverview Citrusdal Informal Settlement to be a place of contact where children will learn to make peace with their Creator, learn to love and accept self, connect with the world through biblical ethical and moral Christ-centred values, and discover the gift of nature in and all around them.

  • Ubuntu Child Development Centre (High Quality EduCare)
  • Riverview Nutrition Centre (Contact point to the poorest & most in need)
  • Agape Learner Support Centre (Developmental Learning & Internships)
  • Heuwelrus Assisted Living for the Aged (Frailty Care)
  • Work4aLiving (Helping people become more employable)
  • Kings & Priests Academy (Training Pastors & Business Leaders)

Ubuntu Child Development Centre

Early childhood is a period of tremendous growth. Extending from conception to the age of 6, early childhood experiences carve out pathways towards health and well-being that persist throughout life. Supporting early childhood development, especially for the most vulnerable children, requires coordinated action to ensure health care, adequate nutrition, quality education, support for parents and protection of children’s rights. By the time our children go to Grade R they can speak their mother tongue, Afrikaans & English.

Currently our classes

1) 18 months and 3 years (Babies) - 14 Children

2) 18 months and 3 years (Babies) - 12 Children

2) ages 3 and 4 years (Toddlers) - 15 Children

3) ages 3 and 4 years (Toddlers) Sotho - 15 Children

3) ages 5 and 6 years (ECD) - 18 Children

We thus have a total of 85 Children. We are registered at the Dep of Social Development for 25 children at the Créshe and 53 children Educare expiring 24 July 2022. Certificate of registration of an early childhood development program is under the Pebbles ECD Program & toy Library expires 31 March 2020. The Health Certificate indicates that we can accommodate 8 Babies, and 60 toddlers.

Many people are still unemployed in Riverview and surrounding areas. Thus many kids are not in school, and also not getting a daily meal. We give a nutritious meal three days a week, and we try to make time with the kids to get to know them, earn their trust and get involved in their lives. In this way we have helped a 14 yr old boy called Ryan, who is 14 years old and have never been to school, to be enrolled in the local Primary School.
Children with no parents, or very poor Families with little resources, needs Learner Support. We hire qualified teachers, to help children with their Home-work, and enhancing learning abilities. We raise Children with: Understanding Critical Thinking High Emotional Intelligence
We’re also responsible for the Local Old age home for previously disadvantaged individuals. We provide a care facility for 18 people. There are 9 rooms each shared by two people. The upkeep of the buildings is our biggest expense because of poor building methods and materials. We coordinate and assist the aged in our care with general help and health services as the need arise. Ann Dirks is our Full-time Coordinator working closely with our bigger Local Old Age Home ‘Ons Huis’, and Home-Base-Care.
Learn to discern God’s voice from an open Bible. Christ-centered ancient proven principles of living: Fortitude, creativity, forgiveness, generosity, inclusivity, justice, spiritual awakening.


Christ-Centred Values

Our Staff

Jolanda Basson - General Coordinator
Our Dedicated UBUNTU Staff
Anne Dirks - Heuwelrus Coordinator

Board Members

Jan Oosthuizen (Chairman)

Matlhodi Maseko (Government Liaison)

Rob Mathis (USA Liaison and Pastor)

Jan Mathis (USA Eduction Standards)

Pramukh Jeyathilak (USA)

Anne-Marie Skippers (Community Liaison)

Talitha Zimri (Pebbles Representative)

Lucky Combaco (Children Playground)

Karin Burger (Bookkeeper)

Contact details

Jolanda Bassson

‭+27 (74) 415-5871‬


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Jan Oosthuizen