Le Zie di Milano furniture design - made in italy

Le Zie di Milano passionately support families as vocation

Zie di Milano come to your house to give a hand and tidy up, because their mission is focused on family organization. As aunts, they are sophisticated, elegant, natural and discrete, they perfectly fit all interior design trends. Slim and slender, Zie di Milano have a very multifaceted personality, thanks to the variety of accessories and versatility of structures. All the pieces are made from solid wood, oak for the stackable items for the living room and evaporated beech wood for bookcases and various bottle carriers. The entire collection is equipped with accessories and components designed to adapt to different needs. In the kitchen, living room, bedroom or bathroom, there is always room for a Zia di Milano. The project “Zie di Milano” is the result of cooperation of professional home furniture design, manufacture and marketing specialists, aiming to produce valuable products with strong personality, reflecting new standards of living.

+ Quality – Waste + Logistics - Costs

We believe that quality is reduction and qualification of the ecological footprint and logistic process.

Meet all the Zie di Milano

Zia Veronica

Zia Veronica loves the strong lines of books traditionally placed side by side according to their size, finding peace only when each book is put in the right place. In this version books are held by bookend sticks, forming a light grill. Like in the modular composition, even the biggest volumes easily find their position on the white protrusions of the steel shelves clinging on the central natural or black painted beech wooden soul.

Zia Ortensia

Zia Ortensia is long-limbed and loves order, placing her books in horizontal piles. She creates high bevelled columns of books in small spaces, so that she can read titles without having to recline her long neck. She groups books by author, novel type or by the colour scale of their covers.


Zia Bice takes advantage of all the space available, placing her books on two shelves at the sides of the bookcase structure. She likes putting thrillers on left side and romantic stories on the right, alternating them with the smell of small spice plants: coriander, cumin, ginger, which lead her mind to exotic faraway lands. Zia Bice offers an innovative and spacious solution for those who prefer eclectic bookcases with personalized collection of titles and more. Indeed, interposing the shelves, she turns into Zia Flora, gathering botanic collections as if they were books.

Zia Flora

Zia Gaia

Zia Gaia loves taking a break from reading to savour a glass of good wine. She created a little corner of a house, where she can organize her bottle collection, ready to be uncorked with friends in a lively atmosphere, often lighting up her nights. This practical bottle case system, mono- or bifacial, can be in a column shape, placing bottles on both sides, or fixed to the wall, arranging fine wine labels in a neat and elegant way. In addition to the standard manufacture, Zie di Milano designed an exhibition element, suitable for marketing purposes, offered in two sizes to be customized with the brand of a wine producer, distributor or restaurant to display menus or wine lists and prices to clients.

Zia Babele

Zia Babele is a 3D system, stackable with open and shutter-closed containers. It is made of solid wood oak and is designed for living room spaces and adaptable to any setting. Starting from the basic module, one can pile up to 6 elements, thus creating towers of different heights, or assembling castles and endless furnishing solutions from a simple chest of drawers, to a bookcase or an entirely equipped wall.

Assembly flexibility and simplicity without need of any tools guarantee great heterogeneous use of all the units and lets every element be customized through wide choice of different accessories: book ends, acrylic shelves of different colours (blue, red, black, mirror, transparent or glazed), transparent shutters or turning supports, which transform and adapt the product to different needs.

Zia Babele Castles are so flexible that can satisfy any need and use. We can build up your own Castle!
Zia Babele Spinners are 360° rotary furniture solutions. They can satisfy a wide range of container needs, from table centres to desk holders, a mini-bar, a micro table bookshelf or an original space saver to put in a corner.
There is always room for a Zia di Milano
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