Northwest Region 5B By Hadley, Seth, and Meghan

The States in the Nw are: Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming.

The Initials for the Northwest Region is NW

The average high temperature in the Northwest is 52ºf and The average low temperature is 45°f, so if you are planing a vacation, make sure to pack an extra pair of pants.

The highest temperature in the Northwest region is 113º in Walla Walla Washington when the heat wave struck.

cool and wet winters are near the coast, it is cool and dry on the inland, and features extreme cold and heavy snows in the mountains. Summer temperatures are cooler and dryer than much of the country.
The lowest temperature ever recorded in the northwest is -66°f in Montana during the 1888 cold wave. Can you imagine!
The Average Yearly Precipitation for The NorthWest is 36 inches per year. make sure to always pack an emergency umbrella.
Climate is tracked by an average of 30 years. They use tools such as a climograph, rain gauge, barometer, hygrometer, and thermometer.
This is the temperature graph in Washington
This is the average high, and low box of Seattle Washington
This is the weekly temperature in Seattle, Washington
common weather in the NW region is rain and earthquakes. washington gets the most rain and there are earthquakes because the states near the fault line.
Mt. Saint helens Is one of the historic weather events in the Northwest Region. It is the most destructive eruption in the Usa. It killed 57 people and about 1 billion dollars in property damage. Can you believe that!
The end!


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