My Top 10 Portfolio Amy Bucciarelli

This is my Top 10 Portfolio, highlighting my ten favorite things from the Creativity-in-Context course. Come see what I learned!

1. Straw Towers Exercise

This exercise was used to help us better understand the creative thinking tool empathy. I was asked to be part of a group, but had to close my eyes the whole time, so while my classmates were building this tall structure, I couldn't help. However, this also made me much more aware of my other senses. When utilizing an Innovator's Mindset, we have to find ways to quickly problem-solve and take creative risks to work around barriers. For example, I had to feel the straws and use my voice more than I would have normally to help my group discover a better solution to fitting them together.

2. 28-Day Challenge

The 28-Day challenge was a project where we had to spend at least ten minutes everyday doing a creative task. It was difficult to fit a creative task each day into my busy school schedule. However, I noticed that when I did set aside the time, it helped me become less stressed for the other schoolwork I had to accomplish. Some days were easier than others. I especially noticed that when the environment was quite and calm I made more reflective art and when there was a lot going on around me my art was more chaotic. This reminded me of how influential one of the 5P's "Place" can be to creativity.

3. Dance to communicate ideas

One of the best videos we watched this semester was "Dance versus PowerPoint, a Modest Proposal" by John Bohannon. I liked that he practice what he preached through having others "dance" his presentation. His presentation demonstrated several of the Creative Thinking Tools we've been studying throughout the semester including "body thinking" (through the dancer's movement), "imaging" (in the way he used the people's movements to explain complex cell concepts), and "play" in how he was lighthearted in his ideas about presentations. It is a must see!

4. 3D Modeling Project

My team created 3D Rakes that would allow children to draw their own to-scale Zen Garden. Through the design thinking process we learned that rapid prototyping and iteration helped our design get better over time. For instance, in our first design, the lead was too hard and the pencil marks wouldn't show. In the second design the rake was too wide for the paper, so we actually had to break-off some of the pencil tips to get it to work properly. By our third iteration, we had a nice prototype that we could take to "Connect" for user-testing.

Overall, this course taught me to better understand the definition of creativity, the 5P's important to creativity: person, process, place, product and persuasion, and thirteen different creative thinking tools that can enhance creative capacities. I believe that all of these skills combined with the design thinking process will help me be a more knowledgeable innovator and change-maker.

I can't wait until Creativity-in-Action!


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