Real or Make Believe BY: FATIMA LOPEZ

A seed can grow on the ground.

A dinosaur is terrifieding

A thick braslnt is gold.

A pest herts wrele bad.

A fire cAn fire a houe.

A man has a tume ache.

A weed can grow in the mud.

They can dodge the ball when it goes into the net.

A batch is dolishes.

The slippery slide is fun and fast.


By: Fatima

For Halloween I will be Cinderella and I will do it in school. I will go with my mom and dad my baby sisters. Trick or treating will be scary.

She looks perfect.


Created with images by sonyanews - "Oct. 16: magic tree." • born1945 - "Milkweed Seed" • Dave Catchpole - "Dinosaur Adventure" • starbright - "gold chain bracelet" • Freeimages9 - "mosquito malaria gnat" • lydia_shiningbrightly - "Fire Switch" • WolfBlur - "fig man stand" • r-z - "Glass Weed" • mrpetersononline - "MSN Dodge-ball Tournament" • Tarmtott - "cupcake muffin muffins" • JanetR3 - "Slippery slope" • Jennie Park Photography - "Cinderella"

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