March Newsletter SJN Photography.. Let the season begin!

When speed gets in the blood, one must drive to live

Even if the weather suggests it's still winter, we can finally say that this month the race season gets underway!

All the hours of hard work preparing the cars for the 2018 season is nearly at an end, ready to line up on the start/finish straight at Donington in March. Donington will see 9 Formulae taking part across the two days, with the first club enduro championship round of the year. Below is some of last years action, I will be hoping (and praying) for a dry weekend!

News Roundup:

Preparations are taking place across all formulae. The Area Motorsport boys have been busy with their new Club Enduro challenger: A Seat Cupra cup car. Lets hope it goes as good as it looks!

Photo Credit : Rob Baker

The Formula Vee grid will hopefully be nice and healthy like last year. There will be a few new faces joining, one of which is Tim Penstone - Smiths son Lewis, in his patriotic Formula Vee. Scrappy Jack will have competition for best livery!

Photo Credit : Tim Penstone- Smith

Ben Rushworth certainly looks like he's keeping himself busy! Ben will be aiming to go one step higher and win the Hot Hatch Championship.. Will Ben be ready in two weeks time!

Photo Credit : Ben Rushworth

Meet the Driver - James Gahagan (Clio 182 Driver)

James Gahagan will once again be contesting in the Clio 182 Championship in 2018, we put some questions to James..

When did you start racing and where?

Technically I started last year at Croft with the 750mc. But for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go racing. I came close to racing my first full season back in 2015, with a team competing in the BRSCC Fiesta ST Championship, but just a few weeks before the season started, the team dissolved – and so to avoid any further disappointment, I decided to establish my own team. After pulling together a group of like-minded friends, JG Racing was born and we set about building our little Clio for the 750mc. To be honest, not getting the chance to race in that Fiesta turned out to be a blessing in disguise. It’s been such good fun learning together as a team of mates.

Would you consider racing in another formula?

Possibly. I would consider any sort of tintop racing to be honest. I’m a big fan of rallycross but I also like the idea of competing in longer track races too and I’ve been speaking to some more established teams about doing a one-off 24hr race later this year. Something else that I have my eye on, is the Clio Cup (obviously) and also the Mini Challenge, but realistically I want more race experience before I consider racing with those sort of eye-watering budgets! I certainly wouldn’t be looking to change formula anytime soon. I struggle to believe you can have as much fun racing anything else on the same budgets as the 750mc Clio Champ - these little cars are such good fun to drive.

Sum up your 2017 season in 5 words?

Really hard to narrow this down to five words… but I will go with Awesome, Educational, Entertaining, Eye-Opening and Addictive… If I’m allowed six, my wife told me to say ‘Expensive’ haha!

What are your hopes for 2018?

I want to be pushing for regular top ten results this year. I came close with an 11th last year but having learnt as much as we have, I see no reason why we shouldn’t be higher up the grid. I’m more determined this year to do well and having had a season in the car I’m obviously feeling more confident. However, being mid-pack in a tight field is going to bring its own challenges…. so let’s wait a see what happens!

How was your first year racing with 750 Motor Club?

It really has been brilliant. Before JG Racing, I had spent time with other teams in the BRSCC, so I knew what to expect over the course of a race weekend, but what I wasn’t counting on, or even thinking about before joining, was the new mates I have made along the way. It’s a great community of really passionate but also genuinely nice people. I can’t say that I met even one person last year who wasn’t willing to help us out or (in most cases) lend us something! The admin staff too have helped enormously this year and trust me, as a new team we had plenty of stupid questions!

For the full feature click on the link below:

Next months.. Meet the Driver is a fellow Clio driver - Nick Garner, If you would like to be featured get in touch!

Hot Hatch Championship shaping up..

The Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship is shaping up with a number of new and returning faces for the 2018 season. Ben Rushworth will be hoping to go one better this year. Paul Jarvis the overall winner last year in his Saxo will be back, but this time running in Class B in a newly built Saxo, he will have competition from Geoff Conner in his Clio and newcomer Dawn Boyd competing in her Honda Civic. Class C will see the return of Rob Fagg running with MACAW motorsport and Paul Kaynes who won highest place novice last year along with new driver Chris Woods who will also be racing in a Saxo. Check out the video below to see the variety on offer in this great championship:

SRB Racing to field a number of Locosts

Richard Bradley of SRB racing is entering a team of drivers into the Locost championship this year. Car builds are well underway, one of the drivers will be Oliver Batten, he impressed last year with great results including podium finishes at Croft which earned him driver of the month in June 2017. Mark Burton's car has also been having work done to it. Mark will be hoping for a strong 2018 campaign. We will check back on SRB racings progress as the season unfolds..

MACAW motorsports affiliation with SJN Photography

MACAW motorsport will sport a familiar logo on their cars this year.. The three drivers Rob Fagg, Paul Kaynes and newcomer Chris Woods will be competing in Class C of the Royal Purple Hot Hatch Championship. The cars will have a completely new look to them this year. Be sure to look out for them on track, they will have a regular spot in the SJN newsletter sharing news and pictures from the season ahead. Check out there website:

A sneak peek of the car!

I got my first motorsport fix of 2018 in the form of the Snetterton Rally stages.. A really enjoyable day in sunny Norfolk. A nice variety of cars just a shame a few more didn't hit the sausage kerb! For the full gallery click here:

Next stop is Donington Park 17th - 18th March. The racing season will finally be underway. Don't forget next months newsletter will see the return of driver of the month!

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